We are a brand completely built around taking responsibility for the products that are put into the hands of consumers. It is our responsibility to not implement any practices that are harmful to the environment.

We accept this burden, not in martyrdom, but because this is how the industry should work. As a brand, we have the resources to recycle materials properly from the source, and cannot expect our loyal customers to do the heavy lifting of not damaging the environment any further. 

We are committed to using as many sustainable and responsible paths in creating our jewelry, and exploring innovative materials and processes that are as anti-harmful as possible.

open mussel with pearl
  • Goal #1: NON-PLASTIC

    We aim to be a 100% non-plastic company. Plastics are recycled at an extremely low rate. Every piece of plastic ever made, still exists on this planet. We will not contribute to that.

    We plan to use recyclable natural materials or biodegradable materials, all the way down to the shipping label.

  • Goal #2: MATERIALS

    Our goal is to use recycled metals, responsibly sourced pearls, and only naturally occurring materials and stones.

    Your jewelry will come with natural cellulosic reusable drawstring bag, and shipped in paper recyclable mailers. We will not send you excess product marketing, tags, or decorative wrapping.

    All information about your product can be found on this website and if you have any questions please don't hesistate to email us at


    We strive to trace every material we use back to its original source. This will allow us to understand and impact every step of our supply chain from sketch through production. Traceability and transparency also allow the industry to help see the bigger impact that the industry has on the planet. Finally, this information and data analysis will help us deliver on our commitments and analyze what needs change.