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The Etta – Biwa pearl stick and shell pearl necklace

The Etta – Biwa pearl stick and shell pearl necklace

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A sweet symmetrical pattern of shell nuggets and biwa sticks, with a classic white seed pearls. 100% recycled 925 sterling silver. Made in Brooklyn, New York.


+ Made from Sterling Silver: clasps, finishing beads, wire, MADDY tag

+ Made from Stainless Steel: jump ring, extender chain, wire protectors

+ Shell nuggets: 10 mm

+ Biwa sticks: 18 mm

+ Seed pearls: 5 mm

+ Length: all lengths include a 3" extender chain

Jewelry Care

We recommend using a soft cloth to clean our creations.

Please remove your jewelry before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture or friction, to maintain luster and prolong life.

Avoid exposing your jewelry to chlorinated water and to cleaning products that contain bleach.

To minimize scratches and nicks, store it in your MADDY mini drawstring bag or store separately in your jewelry box.

Be gentle, and it will last a lifetime.


We make beautiful jewelry that is made to last. 

The majority of our freshwater pearls and stone beads are locally sourced from a Taiwanese owned family business that has been open for 40+ years. Freshwater pearls are a naturally occuring material.

Sterling Silver is recyclable with the recycling process producing minimal damaging emissions to the environment. No purity is lost in the process of extracting sterling silver from used sterling silver items. Our goal is to switch to 100% recycled sterling silver, in the near future.

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world; it is permanently recyclable, making it a permanent material.

We assemble, package and ship all of our jewelry from our studio in Brooklyn, New York. 




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